The Cloud Insurance Platform That Simplifies.


A complete range of insurance management components are available to Insurers, Underwriters, Brokers, Premium Funders and Online sales, allowing insurance business to be conducted via a hosted cloud platform.

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Insurance Integration

The QUIB Insurance Gateway is an interface available to business partners for simple integration to the platform, and an effortless exchange with other technology platforms or interfaces.

Both simple and complex pricing engines, and an underwriting rules engine form part of the planform; API integration to receive pricing results is an alternative option and a quib specialisation.


Quib analysed the Australian market and designed a system that removes historical barriers that prevented entry into the market.

Utilising quib, underwriters have the means to create custom, branded products, customised underwriting rules and manage referrals.

Premium Funder Integration

A convenient alternative to paying large insurance premium costs upfront. The quib platform integrates directly with a Premium Funder to provide real-time quotes and automatic loan creation.

As a result, the premium funding process is seamless and hassle free for the insurance professional and most importantly, the consumer.

Sales Channels


The world has gone digital. Consumers are constantly busy, and always connected. Choice is in abundance and tolerance towards inconvenience is low. It's not a trend.

Online commerce is the future and crucial to business success. Quib's unique gateway allows for integration to the online web front end that is designed with a focus on quality user experience and partner enablement.


Brokers easily interact and service clients providing new Quotes, Policy Administration, Claims or Cancellations.

The new Broker Front End was meticulously designed to deliver and effortless quote and bind process which includes the ability to receive quotes from multiple insurers.

In addition, the broker book can be managed in house with functionality available to cancel, renew and endorse policies, and management options that include real-time access to reports and automated commission data allowing time to focus on the good stuff.

Associates & Partners

QUIB enables all players in the insurance market;

Call Centres
Call Centres can easily interact and service insurance clients with embedded call scripting, protocols and reminders for a unified process and experience.

Real Estate Agencies
The ability to easily quote and bind using the branded online portal, designed to deliver a seamless offering. Real Estate Agencies are able to manage their own book, manage lead returns, and management options that include access to real-time reports

Other Associates
Associates including Mortgage Originators and Attorneys can benefit from all the offerings available.


Quib offers a wide variety of functionality and features, enabling the insurance market through its unique platform.

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The Quib platform comprises of two primary components being; models and services. Consumers interact with the platform, which exposes all the functionality and data that consume the components needed to support the bigger value chain, and as a result, alleviates a large administrative burden.

Business Services

Quib's offering increases speed to market, focusing on vastly reducing costs associated in implementing new systems, products, services and channels in the insurance industry by, using innovative and disruptive approaches. As a cloud based solution, Quib reduces the cost to implement. The multi-tenant architecture and channel design supports easy implementation and allows multiple brands under a single underwriter.

Insurance Gateway

The Quib insurance gateway is an interface available to business partners for simple integration to the platform, and effortless exchange with other technology platforms or interfaces. Both simple and complex pricing engines, and an underwriting rules engine, form part of the platform. Integration for pricing results and underwriting rules is an alternative option to underwriters who prefer it.


  • Multiple Insurer Quotes
  • Customisable Underwriting rules engine
  • Real-time premium funding quotes
  • Real-time Credit Card payments
  • Sales Lead Management
  • Quote and Bind
  • Simple and Complex pricing
  • Discounting
  • Refer Process Management
  • Duplicate policy check
  • Pro rata quoting
  • Special Conditions
  • Endorsements
  • Additional Policy Holders
  • Quick Quotes
  • Quote Cloning
  • Detailed Audit Trail of all activities
  • Notes - Permanent record kept
  • Custom add-on features
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Policy Administration

  • Endorsements
  • Cancellations
  • Claims Management
  • Real-time Premium Funding Loan set up
  • Special Conditions
  • Additional Policy Holders
  • Detailed Audit trail of all activities
  • Upload and attach all documents
  • Notes - Permanent record kept
  • Real-time Credit Card payment option
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Operational Efficiencies

  • Automated Renewals and Exception handling
  • Service Request Manager
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Schedules Reports
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  • Automated Communications for all processes and milestones
  • Automated Overdue notifications and payment reminders
  • Branded emails, quotes and policy documentation
  • Customizable email and schedule templates
  • Lead follow-up with "call back link" to complete quote online
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  • Bank File Imports
  • Payment and Refund Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Insurer Bordereaux's
  • Cash Collections
  • RCTI generation and management
  • Remittance Generation
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  • Filtered Reports
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Local Reports
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